Tuesday, 9 March 2021

The 9,000-Year-Old Spirit Masks of the Ancient Ancestors | Ancient Architects

Recently I’ve been looking into the origins of what I’ve called the Primal Culture, the civilisation that seems to have influenced the origins of Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, European Civilisation and the amazing Indus Valley Civilisation.

All evidence seems to point to the Levant in the Fertile Crescent, the place where we see the birth of the Neolithic society around 10,500 BC, people who may have taken their way of life, religion, art and skills to various places around the world.

In doing this research I came across a collection of 16 incredible ancient artefacts that were found in the southern Judean Desert and Hills.

They are all made of carved limestone and date to the Neolithic Age, some time around 7,000 BC, each weighing between one a two kilograms with an oval visage, glaring ocular cavities, sometimes a toothy grin, as well as holes around the outer edge.

These incredible ancient artefacts were made at the beginning of Neolithic life after the Younger Dryas Cold Phase came to an end, and like the art and iconography of the Ancient Near and Middle East, they could also have parallels in the Neolithic Era of Pre-Dynastic Ancient Egypt.

Furthermore, before these limestone masks were made, the people of the Levant were also plastering the skulls of their ancestors and adding seashells for eyes and painting on facial hair. Is this all part of the same ancient practice? Is this an Early Neolithic funerary tradition or part of a religious belief? Watch the video to learn more.

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