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Thursday, 23 December 2021

The Mysterious Lost Island Palace of Por-Bajin

The archaeological site of Por-Bajin is situated on an island in Lake Tere-Khol in the Republic of Tuva in Southern Siberia, very close to the border with Mongolia, and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before.

This 1,300-year-old fortress-like structure still divides the experts as what it actually was in its hey-day. It’s a site that I wasn’t aware of until recently and it fascinates and frustrates the experts in equal measure because there are differing opinions regarding who built it and why.

Some people think it’s a summer palace, some say a monastery, others believe its an astronomical observatory and some believe it’s a fortress? So what is it?

In this video, I take a closer at the mysterious ruins of this so-called island palace. Please subscribe to Ancient Architects, Like the video and please leave a comment below.