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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Solving the Mystery of the Great Pyramid of Egypt (2020 Documentary) | Ancient Architects

A title with a bold claim of solving the mystery of the Great Pyramid of Egypt needs to the most in-depth study ever produced by the Ancient Architects YouTube channel, and in this new documentary (first published 2020) I attempt to do just that with a feature-length 90-minute video (below).

After reading just about every primary and secondary source available, I present the most logical explanation for the pyramid - who built it, when it was built, how it was built and what function it actually had. I attempt to explain every major anomaly inside the pyramid, including the Queen's Chamber "air" shafts and Gantenbrink's Doors, the unfinished Subterranean Chamber, the damage in the King's Chamber and where the secret chambers lie within.

I also draw upon microgravimetry data from the 1980s, muon scans by the ScanPyramids project, architectural ideas from Jean Pierre Houdin and Old kingdom cosmological afterlife beliefs as studied by Anthony Sakovich to help me formulate a master plan - a plan that works for me and satisfies the complex Great Pyramid conundrum.

You can watch the video here: